Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we get about air conditioners and heaters

Why should I get my air conditioner or gas heater serviced?

You may void the manufacturers warranty if your air conditioner or heater is not maintained properly. If we service the equipment regularly we can help extend the life of the system. With gas heaters we can detect carbon monoxide leakage during a service and take action immediately.

How much does it cost to service my split system?

A standard service of a split systems starts from $150+GST. This includes cleaning filters, checking gas leaks and checking the reversing valve is working. The standard service takes around 30-40mins.

How much does a gas heater service cost?

A gas heater service starts from $150+GST. This includes checking and testing all the components of the heater. It also includes a carbon monoxide check.

How often should I get my heater serviced?

Gas heaters should be serviced at least every 2 years. This is to minimise the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. It also ensure’s that your system runs efficiently, so your power bills stay low.

What is the best type of air conditioner for my house?

Home’s are different and your lifestyle is important to take into consideration. So rather than giving a stock standard answer, we come on site, ask you some questions about your expectaions of a system. Then we make recommendations.

What is the best gas heater for my house?

Rather than give a stock standard answer, we come on site to evaluate your property, ask about your needs and budget. Taking all these things into consideration, we then make recommendations to you.

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